LCS History.

More than 25 years working to challenge transportations tasks in difficult terrains.

Our cable cranes are able to provide fast, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sound solutions in almost all transport areas; pipeline construction, dam construction, mountain construction sites and in the forestry.

1989Christoph Ludescher starts transporting wood in difficult terrain, using a mobile cable crane.
1992Logging by cable cranes in the French Pyrenees.
1996First-time use of new cable crane technologies in pipeline construction, proved itself when building the Yadana gas pipeline from Myanmar to Thailand.
Use of cable cranes on Alpine construction projects, such as construction of ski lifts and power stations.
2002Large-scale project on the construction of the OCP pipeline in Ecuador. Eleven curved tracks with an overall length of 11 km.
2006Development and use of large cable cranes for dam construction projects. 
Further use of cable cranes follows in Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Germany etc.
2008Large-scale project in India, on the construction of the Reliance East-West gas pipeline, in terrain with gradients as steep as 70°.
2009Further development of large cable cranes for hydro-power dam construction projects.
2010Large-scale project in the West of Canada at a Hydro Power Penstock Construction with a Cable Crane System that was also approved for limited construction manpower transportation.
201120 Ton Cable Crane System for the construction of a 50 MW hydroelectric power plant in British Columbia, Canada.
Supply of 3 complete Cable Crane Systems for the construction of ski lifts for the Olympic winter games 2014 in Sochi, Russia.
2012Large-scale project with cable crane and spider excavator service in Myanmar at the construction of a gas pipeline in steep slopes.
2013First Installation of a permanent cableway (including limited Manpower Transportation) in British Columbia, Canada.

Why cable cranes?

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LCS Cable Cranes has been carrying out many challenging projects all over the world addressing new challenges and geographical and meteorological circumstances and could always meet them to the fullest customer satisfaction. Our cable crane systems have been used for a large construction variety.

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