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Additional project for LCS in Myanmar.
LCS goes Myanmar, again. . . !!
New 20 ton Cable Crane System for Hydropower Project in British Columbia, Canada
LCS delivers 3 complete cable crane systems to Sochi
LCS goes Africa: New 9 ton Cable Crane System for bridge-construction in Equatorial Guinea

Dam Construction

Kräne für den Staudammbau 

The parallel, radial and luffing cable cranes developed especially for dam construction, are used wherever high cubages of concrete are involved.

Performances of 180 cubic metres of concrete per hour and more are achieved.

LCS cable crane systems are able to move loads in all three spatial axes simultaneously.

Furthermore, luffing cable cranes are also used in bridge construction, where it is essential to be able to move prefabricated elements or formwork with the greatest possible precision.

LCS Dam Construction-Project: HE Lesce, Croatia

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