Dismantling of the heavy duty material ropeway 20TO-OVWII After four successful years in operation, the LCS material ropeway in Partenen, Austria was dismantled at the end of May 2018. The cable crane system was used for the material transportation during the winter months, because the Silvretta High Alpine Road was not passable due to an [...]
From the coastal town of Caraguatatuba, a winding and very accident-prone road runs towards Sao Paulo. Currently a 20 km section is being rebuilt to make the route safer. LCS delivers a material ropeway for the construction of two bridges in the sensible rain forest near Sao Paulo, to minimize the negative impact on the [...]
LCS Cable Cranes has been working on a pipeline project in Peru. Several cable crane installations are used during the construction of the Gasoducto del Sur Peruano. A few weeks ago, LCS decided to donate bedclothes, covers and pillows to a local rest home. In the picture, you can see members of an LCS partner [...]
Heavy duty material ropeway 20TOVWII for rental or purchase The 20TOVWII material ropeway is a high-performance heavy-duty material cableway with a payload of 20 tonnes and a length of more than 2,600 m. LCS Cable Cranes designed, developed, built and installed the cableway in autumn 2014 for the construction of the hydroelectric power station Obervermuntwerk [...]
Documentary about the material ropeway of LCS Cable Cranes in the Austrian Valley Montafon. The 20 ton material ropeway was constructed in 2014 and will be operative during the next four years. To get more detailed about the projects, please visit