20 ton material ropeway available from June 2018.

Heavy duty material ropeway 20TOVWII for rental or purchase

The 20TOVWII material ropeway is a high-performance heavy-duty material cableway with a payload of 20 tonnes and a length of more than 2,600 m. LCS Cable Cranes designed, developed, built and installed the cableway in autumn 2014 for the construction of the hydroelectric power station Obervermuntwerk II of the Vorarlberg Illwerke in Montafon (Austria). Since then it was operated by LCS.

The material ropeway will be operational at the Obervermuntwerk II power plant by June 2018 and will be available from then on. It can be rented from LCS Cable Cranes or purchased as an entire system.

All documentation and test documents or certifications are available. The ropeway has among other an 800 kW strong electrohydraulic drive, a cable crane GC200 from GANTNER as well as various high-quality cableway components such as ropes from the company Fatzer as well as ropes and track equipment. Further information in the exposé of the cableway.
Download the Exposé (pdf)

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