Successful finalization of project in Austria.

Dismantling of the heavy duty material ropeway 20TO-OVWII

After four successful years in operation, the LCS material ropeway in Partenen, Austria was dismantled at the end of May 2018. The cable crane system was used for the material transportation during the winter months, because the Silvretta High Alpine Road was not passable due to an annually winter closure. It provided the construction site of the hydro power plant “Obervermuntwerk II” with material, vehicles and machinery.

The cable crane system had a length of 2.6 km and a payload of 20 tons. It was powered with an 800 kW electro-hydraulic drive unit. Therefore, not only small loads such as cars, dumpsters, scrap metal, hoses or transformer could be transported, but also whole dump trucks, milling machines, anchors, containers and cement silos weighing up to 20 tons.

In retrospect, a total of 81,358 tons were transported within the last 4 years and more than 8,800 trips were made. LCS was able to fulfil the customer’s requirements to the utmost satisfaction and has contributed its part to the construction of the hydro power plan

The heavy duty material ropeway is still availble!

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