Material ropeway operates in Georgia.

Project Description

For the construction of the 829 km long Western Route Export Pipeline Sectional Replacement Project (WREP-SRP), which runs from the Caspian Sea via Azerbaijan and Georgia to Turkey, a ropeway system from LCS Cable Cranes was installed to construct parts of the 20” pipeline at steep sections near the capital, Tbilisi.

LCS was responsible for the excavation works, the logistics and, after some time, the welding in order to complete the project as efficiently as possible. Three cable crane systems were erected several times at different locations, which were dismantled after having finished the works at a section. The systems were operated with a GANTNER GW350D and HSW130/260D winch with up to 350 HP and a line speed of 4 m/sec. The transportation of the 20” pipes and various construction equipment was carried out by a 6 ton GC50 crane unit with double hoist and a lifting height of up to 80 m.

LCS faced various challenges. Especially, the freezing temperatures, the strong wind and snowfall during the winter months were demanding for the workers. The small ROW (max. 16 m) and some sections with an inclination of up to 47° were no problem for LCS, as well as the high environmental requirements of the customer. Safety was a top priority, as the route of the pipeline crossed many high voltage power lines and roads. Furthermore, the proximity to existing pipelines posed a risk for LCS as these lines could not be damaged under any circumstances.

Scope of work

Planning, as well as several installations and dismantles of a 6 ton cable crane system. Additional LCS was responsible for the excavation works, logistics and welding works.

Project Info

Customer: Azfen J.V.
Project Owner: BP
Place: Tbilisi, Georgia
Date: 2017 / 18

Technical Details

Number of installations: 9
Total length: 2.700 m
Level difference: 200 m
Towers: 3 each
Payload: 6 to
Transported goods: Pipes, construction material
Duration of project: 10 months
Slope: > 47°
Used machinery: carriage GC50 in tandem operation, winch HSW130/260D and GW350D

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