Curved ropeway for penstock reconstruction.

Project description

A powerful material ropeway was installed by LCS Cable Cranes for the restoration of a penstock in Innsbruck, Austria. The 15 ton cable crane system with a length of 420 meteres is situated right under the famous Europabrücke, one of the biggest bridges in Europe. The crane system is used for reconstruction works of the surge chamber, shafts and the penstock itself of the hydro power plant Obere Sill. The crane system is driven by a electro-hydraulical winch, positioned at the top of the system. The drive as well as the crane unit are controlled via a remote control system from the valley, where the whole logistics of the construction site is located. The operator of the system is able to observe the complete track via a video monitoring system.

The design of the system needed to be highly adapted to the location, as there is limited space in general, being situated under a bridge, and taking into consideration the surge chamber which needs to be passed over, a street that needs to be crossed and several shafts that are running underground. These are all facts that needed to be considered during the plan of towers, anchors among others. The design needed to be adapted to many external circumstances.

The system with a double track rope is used to transport construction material, machinery and pipes into the steep slopes as well as to the shafts and surge chamber. Approximately at half way, the track has a curve of 12° – exactly above the bend of the penstock itself. This way it is possible to lay the pipes with the highest precision.

Scope of work

Installation of a heavy duty material ropeway with a curve for the re-construction of a penstock in Austria.

Project Info

Customer: Swietelsky
Project Owner: IKB
Location: Innsbruck, Austria
Date: 2016

Technical details

Total length: 420 m
Level difference: 204 m
Towers: 4
Payload: 15 to
Transported goods: pipes, construction material, machinery
Duration of project: current project
Slope: 40°
Pipes: 100″
Used machinery: carriage GC200, winch GANTNER GW500E 

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