EWPL Reliance India Project.

Project description

The project for Punji Lloyd in India had two phases – during the first project phase we were responsible for the installation of the cable crane system for the delivery of material including the trenching and blasting with special equipment (spider-excavators).
The challenge was the rain period, during which we installed the cable crane and the steepness of the slope, where the cable crane was installed. (up to 67°). In India we worked with our spider-excavators for the Manipulation of the rocky terrain for an accurate pipeline-laying.

Through the end of the project we received th task to take care of the re-instatement work along the already layed pipeline. Due to the high steepness of 67° special equipment was used.

Scope of work

Installation of cable cranes and operation, trenching and blasting with special equipment, transport of pipes and fitting into welding position, transport of Sandbags, blasting and coating material, padding and backfilling work, welding supervision.
Reinstatement work; anchoring of pipe, padding, backfilling and soil stabilization, concrete and sandbag barriers.

Project Info

Customer: Punji Lloyd Ltd.
Project Owner: Reliance
Location: India
Date: 2007-2009 (2 phases)

Technical details

Number of cranes: 2
Total length: 1,200 m
Towers: 6
Payload: 12 to
Total volume: 1,200 m pipes, 5,000 to sand and 10,000 to rock, 6.000 m2 netting, 8.000m anchors R32, R38, Concrete barriers, drainage pipes
Duration of project: 8 months + 3 months
Size of pipes: 42 ” / approx. 107 cm
Slope: up to 67°
Machinery in usage: 4 carriages SFM 30/60, 1 winch GANTNER GW 500 D, 1 winch GANTNER HSW 130, 4 Menzi Muck 91

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