Tamazunchale gas pipeline project.

Project description

For the construction of a gas-pipeline a cable-crane system by LCS was installed in the mexican region Hidalgo.

The terrain, where the cableway was used to transport machinery, padding material and pipes was very steep (over 70°) and very rocky. The climatic conditions during the construction and installation were challenging. The cable crane transportet the heavy loads along over 750 m, including a horizontal bend at half-way.

Scope of work

Installation of a cable crane for the construction of a gas-pipeline.

Project Info

Customer: GDI SICIM
Project Owner: TransCanada
Location: Hidalgo, Mexico
Date: 2013 – 2014

Technical details

Number of cranes: 1
Total length: : 800 m
Towers: 4
Payload: 6 to
Transported goods: pipes, padding material, sandbags, machinery
Duration of project: 7 months
slope: >70°, horiziontal bends
Pipes: 36″
Used machinery: Carriage GANTNER GC 80, winch GANTNER GW500D

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