Hydro power plant Obervermuntwerk II.

Project description

From July to October 2014 LCS built a heavy load material ropeway for the construction of a pump storage hydro power station in the Austrian valley Montafon.

The large scale construction site of the hydro power plant is located at about 1,700 m height and is reachable through the Silvretta Hochalpenstraße. Due to the closure of the road during wintertime (due to snow), the construction site is not reachable by road. Therefore LCS Cable Cranes constructed the heavy load material ropeway for 20 tons. Additionally LCS will operate the ropeway for the client, the Vorarlberger Illwerke, during the next four years.

Over 800 tons steel were needed for the installation. The material ropeway disposes of an innovative tower construction (with two retaining cables tensed from the valley- to the mountain station) and dispose of a length of more than 2.600 m. The power unit (with circular drive) is composed by two 400 kW (totally 800 kW) electro-hydraulic drives and is able to transport loads with more than 6 m/s.

Scope of work

Design, installation and operation of a heavy load material ropeway for the transportation of construction material, construction equipment etc. to the large scale construction site at 1.700 m.

Project Info

Client: VKW Illwerke
Location: Vorarlberg, Austria
Date: 2014 (currently active material ropeway, expected until 2018)

Technical details

Number of installations: 1
Length: 2.640 m
Difference in altitude: 598 m
Towers: 7
Payload: 20 to
Loads: Pipes, Construction material, fuel, construction equipment, machinery
Duration of the project: expected 4 years
Machinery in usage:  GANTNER GC 200, electro-hydraulic cableway drive designed and constructed by GANTNER

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