Kwoiek Creek Hydro Power.

Project description

The Kwoiek Creek Hydro Power project was an interesting project, as it was the first permanent cableway Installation of LCS Cable Cranes and the requirements regarding the environmental and safety regulations. The purpose of the installation was to find a Transport solution for crossing the Fraser River for the construction of the Kwoiek Creek Hydro Power project on the west side of a large river. The cable crane was the only access to the hydro-power plant construction site solved the logistical problems and challenges of this project. The installation and operation of the cable crane was challenging due to the extreme climatic conditions and changes. Many snow and very low temperatures in winter time and high temperature in summer.

Furthermore, the cableway was licensed for limited manpower transportation for construction purposes under the regulations of British Columbia.

Scope of work

Cable crane system with a high payload and limited manpower transportation for the construction of a hydro power plant in unreachable location.

Project Info

Customer: CRT Construction Inc.
Project Owner: Innergex Inc.
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Date: 2011 – 2013

Technical details

Total length: 600 m
Towers: 4 (10-25m)
Payload: 20 to
Total volume: construction material, pipes for 7 km, concrete, construction Equipment
Manpower transportation: licensed under BCSA Regulation for construction purposes
Duration of project: 20 months
Size of pipes: 42” / approx. 107 cm
Slope: up to 35°
Machinery in usage: 1 carriage SF100, 1 winch GANTNER GW500D

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