Pipelines in mountaineous regions of Peru.

Project description

For the construction of the Gasoducto del Sur Peruano, which is running over more than 1,100 km through Peru, LCS provides several cable crane systems for various challenging sections in mountain regions. The areas in which LCS is transporting pipes and the pipeline is laid with the help of the cable crane systems is located in very diverse areas, with completely different landscapes and environmental conditions.  The lowest cable crane system for this project is located about 900 meters sea level, the highest at 4.300 meters. Around 10 spreads (approx. 8 km) will be constructed with a total of four complete systems – several of them include horizontal bends. The spreads of the pipeline construction in the mountains are between 300 m and 2 km long. While one system is used for the laying, LCS already installs and prepares next one on the following spread – a very efficient usage of material and machinery.

For the construction of the pipeline,  among others with double joint pipes (of 24 meters), LCS uses a special crane construction like a hydraulic trailer crane system.

For one spread, LCS is responsible for the transportation of the pipes to a very difficulty reachable section (but flat section). A cable crane system is used to bring the pipes over a mountain ridge to the construction site. Several thousands pipes at 5.7 tons each are transported by the crane system.

Additionally LCS provides Spider excavators for earth work services and trenching in steep sections.

Scope of work

Installation of several cable crane systems (incl. horizontal bends) for the construction of a pipeline in the mountains of Peru.

Project Info

Customer: Odebrecht
Project Owner: Gasoducto Sur Peruano
Location: Peru (Cusco, Quillabamba)
Year: 2016

Technical details

Number of installations: approx. 10
Total length: 8,000 m
Towers: n.a.
Payload: 6 to
Transported goods: pipes, padding material, sandbags, machinery
Duration of project: current project
Slope: 30° – 45°
Pipes: 16″
Used machinery: carriage GC50 carriage SFM 30/60, winch GANTNER GW270D, GW350D, HSW130/260, Spider excavators S3-4

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