Powerful cable crane system for penstock deconstruction.

Project description

In 2004 the hydro-power plant in Bjölvo, Norway was renewed and a new penstock was constructed underground. As one of the last steps, it was time to dismantle the over 70 year old penstock, which is located in a very steep terrain without access roads. LCS supported actively the authorized company AF Decom AS. To arrange the dismantling in the most uncomplicated and efficient way, LCS developed and constructed a high-performance cable crane system that was erected directly above the penstock. This way it was possible to transport the dismantled pipes safely through terrain.

Several challenges needed to be considered during the conception as well as during the construction of the crane system. The penstock was located in a 47° inclined mountain range. The crane system needed to overcome a vertical height of 560 m on an 850 m long track. Due to the steepness of the terrain it was possible to overcome the whole track with just one single span field and one single tower at the top station. At the Valley Station, located directly at a Fjord, the rope was anchored directly in the ground.

The cable crane system was driven by a 270 HP strong diesel-hydraulic winch, positioned at the mountain station. The motorized crane unit that lifted and transported the pipes as well as other loads, had a payload of five tons. To guarantee complete safety and monitoring three cameras were installed along the whole track – this way it was possible to keep the complete control over the system.

Scope of work

Installation of a material ropeway with a payload of 5 tons for the dismantling of a penstock in Norway.

Project Info

Customer: AF Decom AS
Project Owner: Statkraft
Location: Bjölvo, Norway
Date: 2016

Technical details

Total length: 850 m
Level difference: 560 m
Towers: 1
Payload: 5 to
Transported goods: pipes, construction material, machinery
Duration of project: 11 months
Slope: >45°
Used machinery: carriage GC200, winch GANTNER GW270D

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