Second part section of the TAP in Albania.

Project Description

The TAP – Trans Adriatic Pipeline – is a 870 km long natural gas pipeline for which construction works stated in 2015. It is planned that the pipeline leads from the south of Italy via Albania to Greece where it will be connected to the existing Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline (TANAP) in Turkey.

With the help of the cable crane system from LCS a section of the TAP could be laid in Greece in the scheduled time. After the successful completion of this project, LCS was commissioned again for the erection of a steep section of the TAP by using a ropeway system. A distance of 2.0 km pipeline, separated in 5 subsections, should be laid in Albania.

LCS was responsible for the planning, excavation works, anchoring, welding, installation and dismantling of the material ropeways and the laying of the pipes. In order to construct the pipeline in up to 35° steep terrain, a total of two systems with 7 and 12 mt were used alternately in circular drive mode. The ropeway systems were powered by a GANTNER GW270, with up to 278 HP, and a GW350, with 350 HP. A HSW100 with a line pull of up to 63 kN was operated during the installation works.

At construction site LCS faced several challenges. On the one hand strict environmental and safety regulations had to be considered. On the other hand, unexpected weather changes and heavy rain as well as sometimes great drought, especially on steep slopes, made the work difficult.

The most exciting task awaited LCS after completing the first four sections – a subsection in the high mountains at over 2,000 m above sea level with a length of 500 m.

The track was constructed in gravity mode by using the 7 and 12 mt ropeway systems, which stood parallel to each other. The more powerful cable crane transported the pipes and other welding equipment to the desired location. During the welding process, the pipes were held by the 12 mt system, and the 7 mt system gradually supplied the required materials. Thereafter, the pipes were stabilized with foam barriers and covered with soil.

With the help of the trained LCS staff, all difficulties could be mastered and all sections realized without incident and to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Scope of Work

The scope of work included the planning, as well as the installation and dismantling of the cable crane systems with a payload of 7 and 12 mt for the construction of five part sections for the TAP in Albania. Pipes with a diameter of 48, construction material and welding equipment were transported.

Project Info

Customer: Spiecapag S.A.S.
Project Owner: Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG
Location: Albania
Date: 2017 – 2019

Technical Details

Number of installations:
Length per system
: Ø 400 – 500 m
Level difference: Ø 200 m
Towers: 2 – 5
Payload: 7 to & 12 to
Loads: pipes, construction material, welding equipment
Duration of project: 16 months
Slope: > 35°
Used machinery: crane unit GC60 and GC50 incl. trailer , as well as winches GW350D, GW270 and the assembly winch HSW100

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