Solving transport needs with cable cranes.

LCS Cable Cranes has been specializing in solving transportation challenges in demanding terrain since more than 20 years.

Construction sites in the mountains, pipeline construction in steep terrain, constructions of penstocks, dams or any other building sites which are difficultly to reach. This is when LCS is able to take over and provides proven logistic systems. The usage of a cable crane system or material ropeway designed by LCS implicates several advantages, facilitations and conveniences for a construction project making it safe, cost-efficient, environmentally sound.

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Highly technological systems with outreaching performance on very critical terrain.

There are almost no limits for a cable crane system in demanding terrain. With their application it is possible to cross steep mountain ranges of over 70°, transport loads over inclined rock faces, valleys, cross rivers and lakes among others. The cable crane systems and material ropeways are highly technological and well developed systems that assure a high performance in all senses. They exceed lengths of 3,000 m, have a payload of more than 20 tons and reach a line speed of more than 7 m/s. The crane units are radio controlled and several technical features, such as video monitoring of the track, are proven systems.

Simple transportation and precise operation.

All materials, equipment, spare parts, machinery and if desired even manpower can be transported by mid-air directly to a construction place. The crane systems with motorized crane units are built to precisely load and unload duties – even at any point along the track. A clear advantage for the construction of pipelines or penstocks, when e.g. pipes or padding material are transported.

Proven methods and working systems.

LCS acts with functioning and proven methods to transport heavy loads and to lay pipelines in the most difficult terrain such as steep slopes or rocky surfaces. We dispose of yearlong experience, have operated in several meaningful pipeline-projects all over the world and do not leave anything to chance but provide 100% feasible and quickly available solutions.

Flexible and quickly available.

It does not matter, whether the routes run vertically or horizontally to the mountain, are straight or include curves – the systems are applicable for all kind of terrain. They are quickly available and flexible solutions that are based on a modular system. Therefore one single system can be applied on several sections of one pipeline project, installing it consecutively several times.

Improvement of safety standards.

Transporting machinery and material via a cable crane or material ropeway means that no heavy machinery needs to access steep and dangerous terrain, steep slopes or critical access roads. The operators are not exposed to these risks anymore as all material is transported by mid-air to its final destination. Consequently the safety of the construction sites, especially for the construction of pipelines is vastly improved.

Direct routes for pipelines.

When pipelines are constructed with cable cranes, steep mountain ranges and rock faces can be overcome easily. The crane systems make it possible to design and construct a pipeline with direct routes and thereby saving many km of pipe laying.

Following curves of a designated track.

In case a pipeline needs to follow a horizontal bend or the terrain impedes the material ropeway to continue in a straight line, it is possible to install horizontal bend systems that allow the ropeway to adapt 100% to the terrain or desired track.

Specialized equipment and staff.

LCS disposes of highly technological equipment as well as the know-how and capability to plan, install and operate this equipment due to a great pool of professionals. An accurate project management including analysis, planning, installation, implementation and operation of the crane systems by LCS professionals is indispensable.

Cost efficient and environmentally sound.

By applying a cable crane system it is not prerequisite to construct additional roads through the terrain to enable access to the construction site or ROW with heavy loads. A pipeline can be constructed with a reduced track width – an extremely narrow ROW of just 8 m (reducible) can be applied. Two facts that implicate positive consequences for cost-savings as well as a lower impact on the environment.

Passenger transportation.

When construction sites are located at “unreachable” locations, manpower can be transported by using an appropriate cabin. The construction of a material ropeway with manpower transportation avoids an additional construction of access roads and brings people in a safe way to their working place. Manpower transportation can also be reasonable when the operators need to work along the track as the construction of pipelines. A cabin is lowered to the track and enables the access of operators to inaccessible terrain.

Unaffected by climatic conditions.

Cable crane systems of LCS can be used at any climatic conditions – e.g. during rain periods, or snowfall at highest and lowest temperatures. Therefore, the working season can be extended (in winter time or during the rainy season in the tropics).

The system have been applied successfully in several completed projects in desert-like areas in the Middle East, in the Latin-American rainforests and during hard winters in the Alps and the Rocky Mountains.

Why cable cranes?

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LCS Cable Cranes has been carrying out many challenging projects all over the world addressing new challenges and geographical and meteorological circumstances and could always meet them to the fullest customer satisfaction. Our cable crane systems have been used for a large construction variety.

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