Cranes with horizontal bends.

Fixed but fittable

A cable crane is not a inflexible and pre-defined installation, which cannot be adapted to the environment, but is a flexible crane which is built to follow the planned and predefined guideline exactly – including turns and bends: a bend crane.

One of the most useful tools is the horizontal bends.
Cable Cranes with horizontal bends are special transport systems which makes it possible to follow a predetermined guide line accurately or to adapt to the geographical conditions.


Cranes with horizontal bends are based on standard or fixed cable cranes and differ only on their angled track. They are mostly used at pipeline or funicular constructions.

Angles of 45 degrees and track lengths up to 2500 m are readily realizable. Specially developed curve saddles can be adjusted to each angle and thus optimally used for the desired line.

Why cable cranes?

Discover the numerous advantages of cable crane systems!


LCS Cable Cranes has been carrying out many challenging projects all over the world addressing new challenges and geographical and meteorological circumstances and could always meet them to the fullest customer satisfaction. Our cable crane systems have been used for a large construction variety.

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