Customized Implementations.

Innovative solutions

At LCS Cable Cranes, we believe in the potential of cable cranes and are sure they are the solution for many transport issues. We are working in a very specific way, with no standard packages or Options, but do always develop our ideas based on the client’s requirements.

Our experience, expertise and of course our network of Business Partners give us the opportunity to develop the right solution – customized cable crane solutions. Our Team is continuously improving and developing our components and machinery of the brand GANTNER, so we are always up to date regarding ropeway technology.

You have a transport problem?

Let us help you – we are pleased to discuss with you the options we can develop and to propose you our best idea! Sometimes cable cranes are not the first idea some has to solve a transport issue, but sometimes it is THE idea.

Contact us and get our expertise!

Why cable cranes?

Discover the numerous advantages of cable crane systems!


LCS Cable Cranes has been carrying out many challenging projects all over the world addressing new challenges and geographical and meteorological circumstances and could always meet them to the fullest customer satisfaction. Our cable crane systems have been used for a large construction variety.

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