Manpower transportation.

A useful add-on

When material, machinery and construction equipment are brought to a construction site in difficult accessible terrain, even operators need to get there to do their work. Quite often, the cableway is the only access to the construction site.

Therefore, using the cableway to bring manpower to the construction site is a quite logical and reasonable – therefore it is possible to adapt and/or the cableway in a way, that is possible to integrate a gondola and to get the license for limited manpower transportation.

Technical and safety features

When carrying operators on cableways, certain safety standards need to be fulfilled. These depend on the local regulations.

To license a cableway for passenger transportation, the installation needs to have certain technical requirements such as payloads, height, rope usage and installation. A posterior adaptation to passenger transportation may be possible but could turn out as very complex, therefore it should be considered from the beginning of the project.

Why cable cranes?

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