High-quality components – in a functioning system.

  • LCS is internationally renowned as a specialist for cable crane systems and winches. However, we also specialise in the individual components required for the construction of material ropeways. Many of the components must fulfil certain features – and that for many years. In addition to pulleys and tower systems, we manufacture track rope supports and many other special parts.

The difference lies in the detail

All our components have been tried and tested over many years. Our customers can purchase them, and they are also used in our own installations and systems. Thereby, we gain additional experience and can guarantee the quality of the components with a clear conscience. Because: The quality and safety of our products is very important to us. We comply with all standards, for example, the Machinery Directive. In addition, all components adhere to the recommendations of the O.I.T.A.F. All parts are developed according to the modular principle and are compatible with each other. This means that they can be combined flexibly and expanded for a wide range of applications.


The product range and field of application of pulleys are very comprehensive. As a specialist in pulleys, we offer the suitable option for every application: from small rigging pulleys for the forestry industry or assembly purposes to universal pulleys and large deflection pulleys, our portfolio includes many different models. Universal pulleys, for example, allow highest travel speeds at maximum load.

Track rope supports

Our various track rope supports can be used for material ropeways of different sizes: They are applied for small forestry ropeways as well as for heavy-duty cable crane systems. The track rope supports are available as single- and double-track versions. Our large polyamide hauling rope pulleys consist of permanently lubricated antifriction bearings. Therefore, they are maintenance-free. Alternatively, the pulleys are also available in steel design with rubber insert rings. We provide the double track rope supports with optional accessories.

Tower systems

A wide variety of tower systems are required for different application areas. All our tower systems are designed as a modular system. This means that individual tower elements can be combined and extended to form large tower structures. The base elements are a maximum of five metres long. Due to this size, they can be easily transported in containers. All systems are hot-dip galvanised and can be applied as needle and A-towers as well as portal towers.

Our machines, components and equipment can also be rented on a long-term basis.

We are happy to provide you with information on availability and make you an offer.