Whether it’s transporting loads through narrow shafts for underground work or maintenance and monitoring activities on tailings dams or conventional dams in the mining industry. LCS offers the ideal solution for both.

  • In many mines the transport of loads through shafts is necessary. Our shaft winches are used for this purpose and are also used as service and rescue winches. However, when it comes to accessing unstable, dangerous terrain, such as tailings dams, our QXcrane systems are used.


Shaft Winches


Narrow spaces, great depths and heavy material are the cornerstones around which everything revolves in mine construction. Smooth processes and systems are particularly important when working underground. We design and manufacture our winches in accordance with the highest safety standards. They are even more essential when our services and rescue winches are transporting manpower. It is of the utmost importance to us that our systems work reliably. The components used have been tried and tested over many years.

The challenge

When loads or people are transported to areas deep underground, access is often restricted: shafts often provide the only way to get to the construction site. The limited space conditions require a strong and at the same time safe solution which occupies little space. It must be suitable for heavy material and transporting people. Our winches meet these requirements due to their individual design and the constant adaption of the tensile loads.

Solutions and applications

Our broad portfolio of winches provides for countless application possibilities. It enables the efficient and safe transport of material, machines and people, even underground. Depending on the given situation, we deliver winches designed and manufactured for the customer´s needs. Thereby, rope lengths, tensile loads and standard requirements are specifically tailored to the respective construction site.

maintenance & monitoring activities

Personnel Safety Systems


If the terrain is unstable and/or entering the work area is life-threatening, then a solution is needed that allows workers safe access and safe working. This solution should enable movement within the work area but evacuate personnel immediately in case of danger. Our new, revolutionary QXcrane system is exactly the right solution in such cases.

The challenge

During maintenance and monitoring activities on tailings dams or a conventional dam in mining, for maintenance personnel, entering the work area for these activities can be life-threatening due to dam breaches or earth movements. Therefore, in order to be able to carry out this work, a personnel safety system is needed that allows safe access for maintenance personnel. However, the system should not be located and/or supported within this danger zone.

Solutions and applications

Workers entering the danger zone are secured to the operator’s basket by means of personal safety winches. The operator’s basket is connected to the towers, which are positioned outside the danger zone, by steel ropes and enables the worker to navigate and thus work safely within the defined area.

The system is operated by an operator in the basket. The operator in the basket can observe and monitor the entire working area and pull up and rescue workers in case of an emergency, such as a dam failure or earth movement. Workers on the ground can also activate this emergency function to be evacuated from the danger zone.

Are you looking for a suitable solution for underground material transport with limited space or for maintenance work on tailings dams or conventional dams?

Then contact us and let us work out the suitable transport solution together.