Mountain construction sites

Mountain construction sites

Inaccessible steep terrain, mountains, gorges and, not least, rivers and lakes confront planners with seemingly unsolvable transportation challenges.

  • What seems impossible at first glance, can be solved by means of special cable crane systems: they manage even the most difficult transport tasks cost-effective and efficient. Furthermore, seemingly inaccessible terrain becomes traversable. For mountain construction sites, this is an important starting point. Especially at mountain construction sites, where heavy loads are transported over a long period of time, the use of our cable crane systems is worthwhile. They can be operated under any weather conditions and at any day of the week or during any time of the day, due to the low environmental impact caused by noise or dust. This means that the cable crane systems can remain in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if required. Since the use of the systems for example eliminates the need to build separate construction roads, a cable crane system brings significant cost benefits for the entire construction site. 

The challenge

Often, the possibilities to provide access to mountain construction sites are limited: steep slopes, rugged rock faces or mountain lakes make the terrain impassable, especially for heavy equipment. The transport of necessary construction material may be limited or impossible. To ensure a smooth construction operation and guarantee the safety of the personnel, a simple but effective solution is needed: cable crane systems.

Our solutions

Thanks to special designs and well thought-out planning, cable crane systems provide access to the construction site even in steep mountainous terrain. Transport by cable crane system is an extremely environmentally friendly and low-noise alternative to conventional means of transport. Limited manpower transportation is an interesting extension for the regular usage of cable crane systems: It is particularly important when the system is the only access to the construction site. The possibility of horizontal bends is an excellent adaption to the given terrain.

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