Bridge construction

Bridge construction

Great heights, long distances, maximum safety: When it comes to bridge construction, we make no compromises.

  • To build a bridge, countless work steps are necessary. A detailed planning of the project ensures that everything runs smoothly during the construction period. Different materials and equipment are required for each construction phase. Due to the length and often massive heights of the bridge the use of conventional construction techniques is obsolete. Precision, speed and safety are the guidelines that accompany a bridge construction from the very beginning.

The challenge

The construction of a bridge implies that a river, lake or valley lies beneath the construction object. Consequently, access to the construction site via traditional methods is limited or impossible. However, it is important to have the appropriate materials and equipment on site. The people involved in the construction also need to get to their work site safely and quickly. After completion of the construction object, the interference with the nature should be as invisible as possible. A cable crane system is therefore the solution.

Solutions and applications

The system is designed and built to run exactly above the predefined bridge line. Depending on the project, a wide variety of cable crane systems can be provided. With parallel or luffing cable crane systems a large area can be covered. This means that any position along the route can be reached. The interaction of the best components with long-term proven systems allows a safe and easy transport with a cable crane system.

You would like to know, how a cable crane system can be integrated in the bridge construction?

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