Dam construction

Dam construction

Specifically for the dam construction, we took over the technology “parallel cable crane systems, radial cable crane systems and luffing cable crane systems” from the company Thyssenkrupp. These systems can transport huge amounts of construction material and million tons of concrete.

  • Our high-performance systems transport continuously, seven days a week, up to 250 cubic meters concrete per hour and installation. Furthermore, they can move the loads which shall be transported in all three axes of space (x, y, z axes). Thereby, each section of the construction site can be reached, and the efficiency of the construction site increases significantly due to the enormous transport volume. Machines and material are available exactly when they are needed at the respective job site.

From the challenge to the solution

When building dams, construction sites are often located in terrain that is difficult to access. Nevertheless, materials and machinery must be available. Specifically constructed roads or the use of helicopters is usually not feasible within the tight project costs and schedule. Our cable crane systems play an important role here: Regardless of any climatic influence, they transport loads without restrictions to the desired location and provide the construction site with additional safety.

In terrain, which is difficult to access, cable crane systems move machines and materials effortlessly and with a considerable transport volume to the planned location of use.

Our solution

Especially for projects such as the construction of a dam, we have been able to prove several times that we can provide a functioning and long-term solution. Unique heavy-duty cable crane systems are particularly interesting to handle logistic topics in the hydro power sector. They can transport heavy loads weighing more than 20 tons over long distances and steep terrain. Since cable crane systems can always be operated, regardless of climatic conditions, they enable compliance with the project schedule by avoiding delays.

Are you thinking of a suitable transport solution for the construction of a dam?

We look forward to introducing you to our cable crane systems.