About us

LCS Cable Cranes

Since 1989, we aim to solve difficult transport tasks in rough terrain. Today, we are one of the world’s leading companies in this field.

  • Our special cable crane systems and winches are simple, cost-effective and environmentally sound transport solutions. Due to our longstanding experience and our comprehensive know-how we are one of the leading companies for transport and drive solutions by means of cable crane systems and winches. Our main sectors are hydro power, dam construction, mountain construction sites, bridge construction, oil and gas, and mining. As diverse as these areas of application are, as important is our detailed project knowledge. Continuous development and improvement processes as one of our most crucial factors of success.

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Our guidelines

  • In our daily work, experience, innovation, precision, service and teamwork form our guidelines. Furthermore, personal customer care is particularly important to us: We have made it our goal to continuously improve our products and services and adapt them to increasing customer needs. Every client shall feel understood and optimally supported by us. Therefore, we offer a customised comprehensive service package which provides a complete solution for individual transport projects. It is part of our corporate philosophy to act in a sustainable manner. We want to contribute to protecting our environment and maintaining the ecological balance.

Our values


We communicate directly, openly, and honestly. For this reason, we can cooperate more efficient, in a respectful manner and trust each other.


Each of us is part of the team. What distinguishes us from one another is merely our role in the team, not our position in the company. We share our knowledge, skills and experience. All pulling together to achieve our goals.

Sense of responsibility

Each of us acts fast, transparently, and sustainably. We take responsibility, put into practice what we say to ensure that everyone can rely on our word, sort things out and always set a good example.


We work cost-consciously even with the smallest things and handle all our available resources carefully and sustainably.

Positive failure management

A positive failure management through constant questioning and learning from errors drives our continuous improvement process.

„Environmentally friendly, efficient, safe and easy to operate. We solve complex transport issues with our cable crane systems – with our winches we can guarantee safety in all aspects.”

Christoph Ludescher, Founder and Managing Director

We are


Since our foundation in 1989, we have conducted many projects and gained a lot of expertise as well as experience. This has resulted in proven products which are characterised by their high quality and long durability. Our team consists of highly qualified specialist who do not see problems but only solutions.

We are


Especially in situations with difficult terrain, a standard product is often not sufficient. By developing individual transport solutions, we also lay the foundation for innovation. Because: Due to the unknown, we continue to develop. Existing standards are the guidelines for new inspiration.

We are


Cable crane systems are in themselves environmentally friendly: They avoid the need for additional construction roads and are quiet and odourless. Additionally, they only require a narrow track to transport material and machinery to the site. So it stands to reason that environmental protection also plays a major role in other areas of our company.

We are true solution finders

  • As specialists for cable crane systems and winches, we provide a lot of know-how and creativity. We search for individual possibilities to meet specific customer requirements. Due to our experience, extensive industry knowledge and wide expertise regarding material we can offer our customers highly professional products and services. We know that our customers expect a solution from us. Our aim is to provide them with the best one.

The solution finders
Career at LCS

Our history

Strictly speaking, the history of LCS already begins in 1948. In this year, the mechanical engineering company GANTNER, specialised in winch technologies, located in Sulz, Austria, was founded. From 2004 onwards, LCS cooperated intensively with GANTNER on the development of new machinery, and in 2017 GANTNER Seilbahnbau GmbH merged with LCS Cable Cranes GmbH. Experience and know-how were efficiently utilised. Today, the winches are operated in more than 35 countries around the world – some of them since decades. They are considered to be among the safest and most reliable winches worldwide.

Leading in cable crane systems

In seemingly impassable terrain, transporting machinery and materials is often a major challenge. Then, the use of our cable crane systems is a valuable option – and often even the only solution. Thereby, even extremely difficult intricacies can be efficiently overcome. Pipes, construction material and machines can be transported without permanent interference with nature.

Competence in winches

Our winches provide relief and safety in a wide variety of areas: In mining, for example, customised winch technology transports and secures material and personnel. In steep terrain, securing winches are operated for heavy equipment. With our comprehensive product portfolio of winches, we serve numerous areas of application.