For years we have been specialists for cable crane systems and winches.

  • The success story of LCS starts in 1989, but the expertise of today’s company dates back to 1948. In this year, GANTNER was founded in Sulz, Austria. The company was specialised in winches and components, which were repeatedly rented or purchased by LCS for projects from 2004 onwards. To make the best possible use of the extensive special knowledge and experience of both companies, they merged in 2017. Thereby, GANTNER Seilbahnbau GmbH was fully integrated into LCS Cable Cranes GmbH and dissolved in its original form.

70 years of experience

This is our history


Foundation of the engineering company GANTNER for the production of winches, crane units and other components.


Development of the winch series USW and development of export markets.


Development of TÜV-certified hydraulic sled winches with three independent brake systems.


Development of high-performance hydraulic sled winches for torrent and avalanche control (winch series HSW80) with TÜV certification.


Foundation of the company LCS: Christoph Ludescher begins to transport timber in almost inaccessible terrain by means of a mobile cable crane system.


Construction of the company seat in Sulz, Vorarlberg with the later addition of a warehouse.


First time use of new cable crane technologies in the pipeline construction. They prove to be successful in the construction of the Yadana Gas Pipeline leading from Myanmar to Thailand. Cable crane systems are installed at alpine construction sites, for example for the erection of ski lifts and power plants.


Start of the intensive cooperation between the companies LCS and GANTNER in Sulz regarding the development and application of new machines.


Development and use of heavy-duty cable crane systems for dam construction projects. Cable crane systems are provided for various projects in Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Germany, and other countries.


Development of the parallel cable crane system CC-09.


Major project in western Canada: Construction of a penstock by means of a cable crane system which was also approved for limited manpower transportation.


Restructuring of the companies LCS Cable Cranes GmbH and GANTNER Seilbahnbau GmbH – intensification of the cooperation.


Foundation of LCS Pipelines GmbH to expand the business area “pipeline construction”.


Acquisition of the company ECCON GmbH.


Merger of the companies LCS Cable Cranes GmbH, GANTNER Seilbahnbau GmbH and ECCON GmbH. The individual brands continue to operate under the name LCS Cable Cranes GmbH.


Construction of the new company headquarter and relocation of the entire company to Loruens, Vorarlberg, Austria.


LCS acquires the exclusive licence rights for the technologies of the radial, parallel, and luffing cable crane systems from the company Thyssenkrupp AG and markets, distributes and manufactures them worldwide.


Re-Branding of the company LCS and creation of a single modern brand. Since then, all business units are represented in an overarching manner and the company’s values, products and strengths are clearly communicated.