Hydro power

Hydro power

One of the strongest elements on earth is water. By means of hydro power plants water can be used to produce energy. However, construction sites of hydro power plants are often located in terrain that is difficult to access.

  • Climatic conditions, such as snowfall, as well as the surrounding environment, impede access to construction sites even more. Nevertheless, surge chambers, shafts, dams, and penstocks need to be constructed. Creating roads for this purpose or using helicopters would require a huge financial and temporal effort. In practice, an alternative solution is necessary.

The construction of hydro power plants

The construction of hydro power plants has always been a challenge for men and machine. Huge amounts of water have to be directed and structures have to be firmly anchored in rough terrain. Precise and intensive planning is therefore essential. The safety of personnel is top priority. What remains is the challenge of getting the required machinery and tons of material to the desired position – despite steep and slopy terrain, wide gorges and poorly accessible construction sites.

Cable crane systems as an alternative

In the past, we have been able to prove on several occasions that we can offer a functioning and long-term solution, especially for the construction of hydro power plants. Our cable crane systems transport heavy loads with weights of over 20 tons. Despite long distances and steep slopes, their use is not restricted. In terms of logistics in the construction of hydro power plants, our systems are therefore an excellent option.

Even under difficult climatic conditions, our cable crane systems transport loads safely and efficient to their intended destination.


We also apply our extensive experience, which we have been able to amplify amongst others in the pipeline construction, to the construction of penstocks. It is easy for us to lay and transport pipes with large diameters. For more information on our know-how in pipeline construction, click here.

Manpower transportation

The use of gondolas in combination with our cable crane systems enables the transport of personnel to the construction site – thereby facilitating the logistics during construction of a hydro power plant.

Do you intend to build a hydro power plant?

We support you in your project planning and help you organise your construction period efficiently and safely through well thought-out logistics.