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Cable Crane Hill – LCS cable crane system installed in Canada

Innovative dual cable crane system

LCS supplied the first dual cable crane system for a pipeline project in Western Canada. The dual system combines two material ropeways, a 16 and a 5 ton system.

The 5 ton payload line is also equipped with a gondola to carry up to ten people (nine workers & one operator for cabin) along the line. The 16 ton line transports all the material for the construction site, including pipes, construction equipment / materials and spider excavators, which are used for excavation work in the steep terrain.

This system has various advantages. For example, by combining two systems, the total required ROW is reduced. Another advantage is the independent and safe transport of material and personnel. This leads to a significant improvement in overall efficiency, as work can be carried out in parallel. This means, for example, that one line can hold a pipe in position while the other line transports personnel and welding equipment to the intended location where the pipe is welded.

Each crane unit travels on its own double track ropes, which are tensioned on five special portal frame towers along the track from the bottom to the top anchor. Each system is operated by a separate diesel-hydraulic winch in gravity mode. Gravity mode means that with the help of a winch, the crane unit is pulled uphill and travels downhill by means of gravity. Lifting and lowering movements along the track are carried out with a separate diesel-hydraulic engine, which is installed in each crane unit. This is achieved by means of radio remote control.

The dual cable crane system is a new innovative way to efficiently supply construction sites in steep terrain and was used successfully for the construction of this large-scale gas pipe construction project in Canada.

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