Projects / 28.10.2020

Dismantling of a 20 to system in Brazil

Project completion for the construction of a bridge in the rainforest.

After about one and a half year of construction, the 20 to cable crane system for the construction of a bridge for the highway “Rodovia dos Tamoios” leading from Caraguatatuba to Sao Paolo was dismantled. The highway was built as a safer alternative for the existing accident-prone and winding road.

The system was in operation during the period March 2019 – August 2020. During this time, the system was in operation for 535 days or 7,250 hours and 41,932 transports were completed.
The decision was made to use a cable crane system to keep the environmental impact as low as possible and to guarantee easy access to the construction site, which was inaccessible by roads.

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