Fansipan Cablecar project.

Project description

LCS delivered four material ropeways to Northern Vietnam, where the Austrian cable car company Doppelmayr is going to construct a 6.2 km long cable car.

The installation is part of a tourism project of the city Sa Pa and will bring tourist to the top of the mountain Fansipan. Fansipan is the highest mountain in Indochina , at 3,143 meters. It is located in the Lao Cai Province of the Northwest region of Vietnam, 9 km southwest of Sa Pa Township in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. The ropeways reach 3,007 m, where the mountain station of the planned gondola will be constructed, overcoming more than 1,600 m height.

The four material ropeways of LCS are installed for the transport and handling of the cable car equipment construction material and machinery during the installation process. Altogether, the cableways (one gravity ropeway, three ropeways with circular drive) have a total length of 7.25 km and are installed in a row, right next to the planned track of the cable car. The materials are transported with about 4 m/s.

Scope of work

Installation of a material ropeway for the construction of a 6.2 km long cable car installation

Project Info

Customer: Sun Group
Location: Sa Pa, Vietnam
Date: 2014

Technical details

Number of cranes: 4
Total length: : 7.250 m (800 m, 1.400m, 2.300 m, 2.800 m)
Payload: 5 to
Transported goods: construction equipment, machinery, construction material
Duration of project: current project
Used machinery: 4 carriages SF30/60, 4 winches GANTNER HSW 130/260

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