New Zealand

Road construction in New Zealand

A cable crane system from LCS Cable Cranes with a payload of 20 tons is currently in operation for the construction of a new 6 km long road on State Highway 3, Taranaki (New Zealand). The construction of this road from Uruti to Ahititi is intended to bypass the existing steep, narrow and winding route over Mount Messenger.

LCS cable crane system for the construction of a bypass road

For the construction of two bridges (120 m and 30 m) and a 235 m long tunnel, around 1,000,000 m3 of earth will be moved in difficult terrain. The LCS cable crane system enables access to a large embankment at the entrance to the planned tunnel. This access would otherwise only be possible via a critical path.

To ensure this access, the system must meet the following requirements:

·  maximum load capacity of 20 tons

·  a turnaround time of no more than 10 minutes for 50% of the possible load

·  the possibility of limited passenger transportation

The cable crane system is driven by the 1 x 540 hp circulating drive. A GC200 lifting unit is used to transport materials and people. This can be controlled with great precision by the operator via radio remote control.

After the system was installed at the beginning of 2023 and the local workers were trained, the cable crane system was successfully put into operation by the end customer in April of this year.

As soon as the construction work on the new road is complete, the system will be dismantled and returned to us.


Doppelmayr New Zealand

Project Owner

Mt. Messenger Alliance


New Zealand

Project duration

ca. 15 months

Total Length

1068 m


~ 11 %


20 t

Max. rope speed

5,8 m / sec.

Max. tensile force

166 kN


Construction material, construction equipment & personnel transportation