East West Gas Pipeline (EWPL)

Pipeline construction in India with subsequent reinstatement works.

  • For the construction of the East West Gas Pipeline (EWPL) LCS was commissioned by Punj Lloyd for two challenging sections for the construction of the pipeline. The project for the construction of these sections was characterised by the very steep (up to 67°) and rocky terrain. In addition, it was rainy season when the system was installed. LCS used spider excavators to prepare the rocky terrain for precise positioning of the pipes and to reinstate the site once the work was completed.

    In the first phase, a powerful cable crane system was installed and operated to transport machinery (e.g. excavators), pipes and bulk material along the challenging section. Furthermore, LCS was responsible for the earth works during the installation, rock drilling, anchoring and blasting with special equipment.

    In the second phase, LCS was in charge of the reinstatement works of this section, a complex task due to the soil conditions and steep terrain. LCS used anchored netting and cocomat systems and had to fix them by anchorage in the rocks.


Punj Lloyd Ltd.

Project owner

Reliance Gas Pipelines Ltd.




2007 – 2009 (2 Phases)

Total length

1,200 m


up to 67°

Height difference

580 m


12 to


pipes, construction material and equipment

Pipe diameter