Gasoducto del Sur Peruano

Construction of a gas pipeline by means of a cable crane system in the Peruvian mountains.

  • For the construction of the “Gasoducto del Sur Peruano”, a pipeline that stretches over a distance of 1,100 km through Peru, LCS supplied several cable crane systems for various challenging construction sections in the mountainous region. The construction sections were located in different areas with varying landscape and environmental conditions as well as between 900 and 4,300 m above sea level.

    For about 10 sections (approx. 8 km) a total of four complete cable crane systems were installed several times which had a total length of 300 to 2,000 m – some of them included a horizontal bend. For the construction of the pipeline, i.a. with double-joints (24 m long), LCS used a special crane unit construction with a hydraulic trailer. At one part section LCS was also responsible for the delivery of the pipes by cable crane system. This involved several thousand pipes, each weighing approx. 5,6 to. In addition to the systems, LCS supplied spider excavators to carry out trenching works in difficult-to-reach terrain.


Odebrecht S.A.

Project owner

Gasoducto Sur Peruano S.A.





Total length

8,000 m (total)


up to 45°

Height difference

Ø 500 m


6 to


pipes, bulk material, sandbags and machinery

Pipe diameter

16“ (double-joints)