Hydro power plant Kwoiek Creek

First permanent cable crane system for limited manpower transportation in Canada.

  • The project for the construction of the hydro power plant Kwoiek Creek was due to Canadas notoriously strict safety regulations and environmental protection requirements an exciting one. Especially because it became LCS first permanently installed cable crane system.

    The system provided the transport solution to cross the Fraser River for the construction of the power plant on the other side. As it was the only way to overcome the River, the cable crane system was consequently approved for limited manpower transportation under BCSA regulations.

    The installation and operation of the cable crane system was particularly challenging due to the climatic conditions. While it was hot in summer with temperatures up to 45°C, frosty temperatures of up to -25°C prevailed in the winter.

    The cable crane system is still in operation today for limited manpower transportation.


CRT Construction Inc.

Project owner

Innergex Inc.




2011 – 2013

Total length

600 m


up to 67°

Height difference

130 m


20 to


pipes, construction material and machinery

Pipe diameter