Mounted winch for spider excavator

LCS and the spider excavator manufacturer Menzi Muck develop a mounted winch for digging in steep terrain.

  • On behalf of and in cooperation with the spider excavator manufacturer Menzi Muck, LCS has developed a special mounted winch that can be used as an auxiliary winch in steep terrain.

    The mounted winch is hydraulically controlled via the excavator itself in an open and closed loop and has a tensile force of 7.5 to. It is used for these special excavators to stabilise the machine in steep slopes and in this way enable civil works in seemingly inaccessible terrain. The winch consists of a holding brake to block the rope drum. Furthermore, there is the possibility to keep the rope under constant tension by means of an adjustable mooring system.


Menzi Muck AG

Project owner

Menzi Muck AG





Technical project data 75 kN


diesel-hydraulic via excavator


330 bar – 100 rpm

Max. tensile force

75 kN

Max. rope speed

0.8 m/s

Rope capacity

Ø 14 mm, 100 m


770 kg