Dam Karun IV

Radial cable crane system with spherical track with constant inclination realised for the construction of a dam.

  • The Dam Karun IV was constructed by means of a radial cable crane system of the company “Thyssenkrupp AG” in 2004. In 2020 LCS took over the technology of cable crane systems for dam construction and distributes them exclusively worldwide.

    The radial cable crane systems for the construction of the Dam Karun IV in Iran disposed of a spherical track that ideally adapted to the terrain and thus avoided massive rock and soil excavation. Due to the spherical curvature, the counter carriages were equipped with special climbing undercarriages that functioned according to the principle of a rack-and-pinion railway. The radial track was therefore equipped with a toothed rack in which pinions of the climbing undercarriage of the counter carriages engaged. Due to the particular topography in the area of the radial track, it was possible to realise a spherical track with a constant inclination at Karun IV for the first time. Therefore, it was possible to dispense with the usually required “straight holding device” for the pylon of the upper track rope deflection in the counter carriages.


Jahad Teheran

Project owner

Karun IV Dam








835 m

Lifting height

290 m


28 to / system

Travel speed

6.0 m/s

Lifting speed

1.8 m/s

Lowering speed

2.5 m/s

Working area

circle sector, arc length 237 m

Total cubic capacity

1,700,000 m³