South Africa

Katse Dam

Radial cable crane systems in use for the second time for a dam construction in Lesotho, South Africa.

  • The Katse Dam was constructed by means of radial cable crane systems of the company “Thyssenkrupp AG” in 1991. In 2020 LCS took over the technology of cable crane systems for the dam construction and distributes them exclusively worldwide.

    The cable crane systems for the Katse Dam in Lesotho, South Africa were systems that had already been used 6 years earlier for the construction of the Piedera del Aguilla Dam in Argentina. At this earlier project 2.8 Mio. m³ had already been concreted with these systems. The good condition of the cable crane systems allowed a further use in South Africa. At the Katse Dam an addition of 2.5 Mio. m³ concrete were successfully transported. These radial cable crane systems were a special installation with 92 m high towers as a fixed point and high counter carriages with counter weight on the horizontal radial track.


Katse Dam Construction Co.

Project owner

Katse Dam Lesotho


South Africa






1,000 m

Lifting height

210 m


30 to / system

Travel speed

7.5 m/s

Lifting speed

2.2 m/s

Lowering speed

3.0 m/s

Working area

circle sector, arc length 362 m

Total cubic capacity

2,500,000 m³