OCP Pipeline

Cable crane system with a narrow ROW of max. 8 m in the middle of the rain forest.

  • LCS provided eleven cable crane systems, which were erected one after the other, to build the OCP Pipeline with a length of 11,000 m through the rain forest. The environmental conditions and requirements in this protected area were strict, for example the noise limit was very low. Thanks to the system it was possible to keep the environmental impact during the pipeline construction as low as possible. Heavy machinery did not have to be moved off-road by means of road and path – a very narrow ROW of 6 – 8 m along the entire route was sufficient.

    LCS was responsible for the assembly and operation of the cable crane systems, which made several horizontal bends to transport the required material. The systems were also used for the exact positioning of the pipes during welding works, drilling an anchoring of the pipeline in steep terrain and the reinstatement works afterwards.


Techint E&C S.A.

Project owner

OCP Ecuador




2001 – 2003


11,000 m


up to 60°

Height difference

Ø 300 m


4 to


pipes, sand, concrete and construction equipment

Pipe diameter