Trans Adriatic Pipeline – part section Albania

Second part section of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline in Albania.

  • By using a LCS cable crane system, a section of the TAP was installed on time in Greece. After this project was successfully completed, LCS was again commissioned to build a steep section of the TAP in Albania, using cable crane systems. 2 km of the pipeline, divided into 5 sections, had to be constructed in Albania.

    LCS was responsible for the planning, trenching, anchoring, welding, installation and dismantling of the system and the laying of the pipeline. On the construction site, LCS was confronted with various challenges. On the one hand, strict environmental and safety regulations had to be considered. On the other hand, unexpected weather changes and heavy rains as well as sometimes severe dryness, especially on the steepest parts, made the work more difficult.

    The most exciting tasks awaited LCS after the completion of the first four sections – a part section in the mountains at over 2,000 m above sea level with a length of 500 m. The section was built by using a 7 to and 12 to system in gravity mode, which stood parallel to each other. The 12 to system was used to transport pipes and various equipment for the welding works to the desired position.


Spiecapag S.A.S.

Project owner

Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG




2017 – 2019

Total length

Ø 400 – 500 m


up to 35°

Height difference

Ø 200 m


7 to and 12 to


pipes, construction material and welding equipment

Pipe diameter