Dam Hidroelektrana Lešće

First LCS parallel cable crane system operates in Croatia for the construction of a dam.

  • The dam Hidroelektrana Lešće was an exciting project due to the complex assembly of a parallel cable crane system. Two 14 m high towers, weighed down with several ton heavy weights, were moved simultaneously to transport construction material and equipment into the area of the planned dam. By means of the system a new axis of movement of the equipment resulted, which made it possible to cover a rectangular working area over the entire construction site.

    The parallel cable crane, which operated 24 hours a day, all materials could be transported to the desired location in the construction area. The system was „the heart of the construction site“.


Konstruktor inženjering d.d.

Project owner

HE Lešće




2006 – 2008


270 m

Lifting height

70 m


9 to

Working area

300 x 100 m

Daily cubic capacity

1,000 m³

Total cubic capacity

110,000 m³